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A blog post, created by Adam Vincenzini, breaks down the concept of a social media campaign and describes how the concept doesn’t exist.

Being new to the social media world, I wouldn’t have known that the concept doesn’t make any sense. Vincenzini takes the concept a part and breaks down the definition of social media and the definition of a campaign. Once he explains the two separately, I can understand why it doesn’t make sense to put the two concepts together.

This information is good to know when going out into the public relations world because social media is increased in popularity among numerous companies, so it is useful to know the concept of social media and how it can benefit an organization when reaching out to its publics.

Producing campaigns is another important skill to have in public relations, so knowing how to incorporate social media into a campaign instead of having a campaign based off of social media, is valuable as well.

As Vincenzini mentions in his post, keep in mind the advantages of using social media in a campaign, but just remember it cannot run the success of the campaign or the success of the organization.

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