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Tweet Tips

Mark Schaefer, the author of the post, lists four ways in which to have success on Twitter and get the most out of tweeting.

The first tip Schaefer lists deals with quality over quantity. He talks about how it’s better to have good quality tweets rather than tweeting on a schedule.

I just recently signed up for a Twitter account and I would agree tweeting on a schedule can get excessive. In my opinion, agreeing with Schaefer, it is better to tweet about something interesting that grabs the reader’s attention, rather than frequently tweet just to be noticed. The few tweets that I posted allow for interaction between my followers and I, and their purpose is to generate some sort of interest or conversation.

The second tip Schaefer lists involves the amount of words you have in a tweet. Following people on Twitter and reading tweets daily, I find myself reading through the tweets very quickly because there are so many of them. With such a limited number of characters, you must choose your words wisely to make your tweet interesting in order to grab the attention of readers.

In his third tip, he mentions that good tweets have a lifespan of four days. I have yet to measure the success of my tweets, but it is a good method to see whether or not what you’re saying is catching your readers’ attention.

Schaefer mentions in his fourth tip that the amount of time in between tweets that will attract more viewers is about two to three hours. I would definitely have to agree that it is more interesting to read tweets that are spread out over time, rather than read ones that are frequently posted with a small time frame in between.

All four tips are very useful, especially for people like me who are new to Twitter and want to get the most out of the experience.


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