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In order to prepare myself for a future public relations career, I have been reading lists of tips from PR professionals about how to be successful and obtaining knowledge from my college courses. So far I gained a good amount of insight and a little bit of practice in generating public relations campaigns. Being a rookie, I can always use more tips and advice so it was helpful to come across a blog post by Ford Kanzler that gives tips about how to be successful when creating a public relations campaign.

Problems are always going arise in the process of building a campaign and the post gives great advice on how to deal with the issues when working with team members and clients. Kanzler lists seven keys to success to help PR practitioners communicate with team members in order to produce a strong campaign.

With each tip, Kanzler breaks down different areas of a campaign where communication could be lacking and gives great advice on how to involve different people every step of the way. The tips are very useful to know for individuals starting out in the PR world and it’s good to know communication and organizational skills. Knowing these skills will allow for better relationships between people working on the campaign and when working with clients.

I have learned that team work is essential when working in the PR world and with a team comes working with different types of people, so it’s important to learn how to handle working with various types of personalities in order to accomplish the end goal.

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