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Non-profit PR

One of my career interests is non-profit public relations and reading a blog post by a woman named Windy Hovey, allowed me to gain some insight on what nonprofit PR involves.

It is useful to read experiences from people who were once in a similar position as I am right now, a soon-to-be college graduate seeking an opportunity to work in the PR field. One of the things Hovey mentions in her post are the relationships you build with people  in order to gain more support for the organization in which you are working for. She emphasizes the importance of those relationships because they are significant in making an organization successful.

I have very little experience working with a non-profit organization, so it is very helpful to read Hovey’s experiences and learn the types of projects and tasks that I can expect if I work for a nonprofit organization in the future.

My interest for nonproft PR only grows when I read other people’s experiences in the field and read about how they have been successful in improving the world. The satisfaction that can come from enhancing communities across the globe would be unimaginable.

Reading Hovey’s post allowed me to learn what is important when working in nonprofit PR, such as building relationships with clients, sponsors, professionals and donors. Also, I learned some of the many tasks involved in projects such as organizing fundraising events, creating PR campaigns for events and incorporating social media in order to make an organization visible online. I’m sure working in nonprofit PR is difficult and a lot of time goes into projects and campaigns, but to see how the end result changes the world would be well worth the effort.


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