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In April 2010 I helped with a fundraising event that was partially sponsored by Pacificorp, which is a power company with one office located in Portland. The event helped raise money for the organization called Junior Achievement.

The event took place at a bowling alley called Hollywood Bowl, located in Portland, where numerous companies bowled and donated money. Each company had a specified time slot in which they were to bowl and bring their donations. For Pacificorp, at the end of the bowling event, various awards were given out to bowling participants.

Some of my duties in the event included checking in bowling participants, collecting donation money, generating different ideas for award titles, handing out awards and handing out free prizes. Overall the event was successful and Pacificorp managed to raise over $3,000 for Junior Achievement. The company also matched the donations given by the employees, so the total amount the JA organization received was over $6,000.

If I was involved in the process of generating the event, I would not only give participants the opportunity to donate and bowl, but in order to raise more money I would create a silent auction. I would ask various types of companies across Portland to donate items or services to the auction where participants could bid money in order to purchase the items. The items would include a voucher for a hotel in downtown Portland or a coupon for dinner for two at a five-star restaurant. All of the proceeds from the auction would go to the JA fund.

I haven’t had much experience in fundraising or working in event planning, but with the little experience and knowledge that I do have, it has allowed me to generate ideas to contribute to fundraising events that could possibly be used in the future.



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