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I came across an article that discussed the efforts the Portland Trail Blazers are making to help raise money that goes towards aiding Australia. The country was affected by massive floods and caused billions of dollars worth of damage. Patty Mills, currently a player for the Blazers, is from Australia which is why he decided to get together with his team to start a fundraiser and raise awareness of the devastating event.

Mills has been involved in many events to support the fundraiser such as going to various businesses across Portland to take pictures with fans and sign autographs. He also made an appearance at a woman’s basketball game at the University of Oregon with LaMarcus Aldridge, Wesley Matthews and Nicolas Batum to promote the t-shirts he created specifically for the cause.

The Blazer is not only making a great effort to raise money for the cause for his country, but he’s also connecting with his local communities and raising awareness about an important issue. Mills is also gaining positive publicity for himself and for the Blazer team as a whole. He has gotten other Blazer players involved, which helps when promoting the shirts and running events to raise more money.

When celebrities or professional sports players involve themselves in some sort of charity or fundraiser, it seems as if more people are willing to donate and support the cause. If the Blazers can use their fame in order to gain more support and raise more money for Australia, they should definitely take advantage of the opportunity.


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