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I came across a blog by Mike Tokito and other numerous articles about the Miami Heat coach Erik Spoelstra gaining a large amount of negative publicity because the team isn’t doing as well as it has been in its previous seasons.

The media seems to highly criticize Spoelstra as if he is the only one to blame for the losses. Aren’t the players the individuals that are supposed to win the game? The coach can only do so much, such as think of a few plays, so the rest is up to the players to implement the tactics to win the game.

With the amount of publicity coaches in the NBA receive, it would be hard to keep up with all of the criticisms and accusations that the media generates. Some can handle the spotlight and others can’t, but it seems Spoelstra can handle himself pretty well when it comes to interviews about the consecutive losses.

Coming from a public relations perspective, Spoelstra should continue with taking any sort of criticism and using it to his advantage by using the criticisms as motivation. He should accept the fact that his team has been on a losing streak, but to move forward and keep working hard to get back to winning again. In any sort of interviews he should avoid seeming frustrated with his team to prevent more negative coverage. All the coach can do is generate ideas about how he can improve his team in the future and relay his thoughts to the media whenever they are addressed.


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