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I have a great interest and passion for public relations that has developed over the course of two years. Marketing was my first choice as a degree when I started college, but once I noticed a natural ability and talent for writing, public relations came into the picture.

This past year I started learning about the various aspects of public relations and the various careers that incorporate the field. Once I combined my extracurricular activities, such as sports, with public relations, I found myself working toward a career as a public relations representative for the NBA. At the same time, I realized I could combine skills in my personal life, such as my need for organization and communication, which led me toward an interest in event planning and fund raising. With having very little experience in event planning/coordinating and no experience in public relations in general besides completing projects in the classroom, I’ve decided to use this blog as a learning tool for not only myself, but readers as well.

I will provide links from other bloggers and professionals in the field who have much more experience on their resume than I have on mine. I will also provide my opinions and insight about blog posts that I come across in my research that I feel are relevant to my personal interests, as well as the interests of my readers. Many public relations professionals have posted lists and articles on how to be successful in the field, and I plan to find some of the lists that would be very helpful to people, like myself, who are amateurs. My blog will be aimed towards the industries of non-profits and sports, but will also include general public relations.


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