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Poster and Analysis

Gateway 3 Poster

Hate speech is an issue experienced on many college campuses across the United States, but with the colors of the “hate” words, my poster is aimed towards the University of Oregon campus. The green and yellow words represent the university and the word “hate” written numerous times represents the hate speech occurring on campus. “Let Oregon rain. Wash away the hate” is a slogan that goes along with the water trickling down and washing away the hate words because action needs to take place in order to prevent hate words and hate crimes on the UO campus. Free speech has been taken too far and boundaries have been crossed because of the First amendment right to freedom of speech. The poster is meant to have an impact on students and people in the community who view it and help them realize that acts of hate are not acceptable. The problem needs to be solved, but it’s the students’ responsibility to help prevent hate crimes on campus.

The design of the poster is meant to catch a person’s eye as he or she walks by and ponders the true meaning behind the picture itself. The asymmetry of the words flowing with the picture in the middle of the poster is meant to present an interesting image. Not many words or pictures were placed on the poster because I wanted the poster to be simple but grab someone’s attention. My intent was to have a student or faculty member not be able to walk by my poster without stopping and being intrigued. Also, I chose a slogan that wasn’t too long, but had enough words to go along with the picture in order to get a point across and send an important message.


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