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Blog Evaluation

The Pacifica Forum website was created by the controversial group that had the intention of providing information for people in the community in Eugene about various issues surrounding war, militarism, and violence. The group provides different perspectives on the issue to allow viewers to form their own opinions. The Pacifica Forum’s mission isn’t to persuade people one way or the other, but it believes the community should know the information they provide on the issues.

The content Pacifica Forum provides on its website comes from its belief of freedom of speech, specifically the freedom of expression and opinion. The group exercises its right to the freedom of expression through its blog and the controversial topics within it.

The content of the website includes the group’s purpose, a schedule of past meetings with public speakers listed who spoke at those meetings, and a blog for members to discuss freely about various issues and opinions they possess. Many of the posts provide links to websites that surround controversial topics. For example, one post provides an article about a swastika painted on the Reed College campus and how it is seen as a hate crime. The member who posted the article debates the fact that it was a hate crime and believes the swastika may be a fabricated hate crime. Members of the group tend to question controversial issues in order to give a different perspective. They tend to give the opposing opinion of the majority. On the topic of the swastika at Reed College, the majority is on the side that believes the act was considered a hate crime, but the author of the blog post questions the act itself and states that the act could have been fake in order to generate guilt. The author opposes the majority by believing that painting a swastika is not considered a hate crime. Members of the group debate the opinions of others in order to start a discussion on various topics.

The content of the blog is updated weekly with new postings that provide websites with articles containing ongoing issues occurring in the United States. Many of the articles and websites provided on the blog posts are controversial and allow for discussion. The main page of the website is updated with meetings that occur almost every Friday and along with the meeting dates, guest speakers are listed who attend the meetings to speak about the issues Pacifica Forum is based around.


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