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“Welfare Rates Growing”

This video was found on cbs.com that was a journalistic news story that aired in June of 2009, reported by Cynthia Bowers.  The story is about a single mother, named Toccara Groves, who had recently given birth to a new baby and found herself being dependent upon welfare.  Groves never expected being on public assistance, so her goal was to eventually be financially stable enough so she could be off of welfare.  She had lost her job which prevented her from being financially independent.  The story also goes in-depth about welfare rates increasing nationally and how states just don’t have the funds to meet the increasing welfare needs.  States are having to cut back on funds for other programs to put forth funds for public assistance, which has created a larger deficit.  The large decrease in the job market has also added to the welfare need that many people, like Toccara Groves, are having to resort to.

“Single Mother Poverty”

This institutional video was found on YouTube and it was created in December of 2008.  It shows many images of single mothers with their children and it lists facts about single mothers in poverty.  It allows you to sympathize with the mothers because the video shows images of mothers struggling tremendously, which in turn causes them to become homeless or stay in shelters.  The video shows a few facts, such as how single mothers go in and out of poverty due to the lack of income, and some single mothers don’t even have the chance of being lifted out of poverty.  The facts and images show how there are many single mothers in dire need of financial assistance for a number of reasons and not all have the resources to receive the assistance.


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